Exploring the Renewable Energy Tax Credits and Incentives Available to Farmers and Small Business Owners in Des Moines & Cedar Rapids, IA

Renewable Energy CreditsDid you know that there are renewable energy tax credits and other incentives available to you that can lessen the financial burden when having a solar or wind energy system installed at your farm or small agricultural operation in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids, Iowa? It might seem hard to believe at first, but it’s true. It’s all part of the federal government’s and state of Iowa government’s realization that renewable energy is the way of the future and incentive for farmers and small business owners to invest in renewable energy now.

The specific renewable energy tax credits that you can receive include:

  • A tax credit for 30 percent of the total cost of solar or wind system installation from the United States federal government
  • A tax credit for 15 percent of the total cost of solar or wind system installation from the state of Iowa

What’s more, the United States Department of Agriculture provides millions of dollars in grant money each year as part of its Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). And, your new renewable energy system is eligible to be depreciated as a 5-year asset under MACRS, helping you to improve your bottom line for now and for later.

For further information about the renewable energy tax creditsand other incentives available to you in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids, IA, please contact Current Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE) today. As a full-service renewable energy contractor serving farmers and rural business owners throughout the Hawkeye State, we’ll be pleased to work with you to help you discover all of the potential tax incentives that are available to you when you have renewable energy systems installed for your business.