Searching for Solar Energy Companies in Iowa? Look No Further Than Current RE

Solar Energy Companies IowaWhen it comes to solar energy companies in Iowa, few can match the products, installations, and genuinely friendly customer service provided by Current Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE). We proudly install cutting-edge solar panels from industry-leader Phono Solar, but we do so much more than offer renewable energy installations.

As full-service solar energy contractors serving farms and small businesses in Iowa, we go to lengths that other solar energy companies in the area simply do not. Instead of simply only providing you with a state-of-the-art solar panel system, we will actually provide assistance for you throughout the process, from concept to completion. That means we will:

  • Meet with you before installing any solar panels, to determine how many panels you’ll need to achieve a perfect 1:1 ratio (to power all your operations with only minimal reliance on traditional power sources) and where best to install them on your property
  • Provide assistance in helping you receive federal and state tax credits, including a credit from the U.S. government for 30 percent off the total cost of installation and a 15 percent credit from the state of Iowa for the cost of installation
  • Help you to secure grant money and lending as part of the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)
  • Be here to answer any questions you have for us regarding solar energy, at any time

To learn more about Current RE and how our team can transform your day-to-day operations by installing renewable energy systems for your farm or rural small business, please contact us today. We’re proud to be among the best solar energy companies in IA.