Current RE – Providing Solar Energy for Farms Throughout Iowa

Solar Energy Farms IowaWhen it comes to supplying solar energy solutions for farms and agricultural operations in rural Iowa, a name you can count on is Current Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE). Unlike any solar energy company in the area, we won’t just sell and install renewable energy systems. Rather, we’ll take a vested interest in your operations and get to know how and why you use energy in order to provide a completely customized solar power system for you to use well into the future.

Furthermore, we believe in providing nothing less than the finest solar energy panels for farms and small rural businesses in Iowa. In fact, each of the solar panels that we sell and install is:

  • Produced by Phono Solar, a company widely regarded as an innovative and respected manufacturer in the industry
  • Engineered to have a positive-only power tolerance (to within 5 kW), which will ensure that the power output listed on the box will be the absolute minimum that you’ll receive at installation
  • Equipped with transformerless power inverters that convert DC to usable AC while expending minimal power in the process as compared to inverters that utilize transformers and waste energy
  • Able to relay data via a wireless router that can allow you to see the performance of your panels in real-time
  • Almost effortless to maintain after being installed
  • Backed by a warranty that covers the physical capacity of the solar panels for 10 years, as well as a performance warranty that guarantees your power output will be a minimum of 80 percent of its original capacity

For additional information about Current RE and how our team of experts provides agricultural solar energy solutions for farms throughout IA, please contact us today.