How Is Solar Energy Turned Into Usable Power for Farmers and Small Business Owners in Des Moines & Cedar Rapids, IA?

Solar EnergyLike many things, solar energy is a topic people often discuss but don’t really have a clear understanding of how it works. Sure, we all know that solar panels absorb sunlight and then turn it into electricity you can use, but an understanding on a slightly deeper level can help you to recognize what the process really entails.

The sun emits energy in what are known as photons. Solar energy panels are typically composed of silicon cells that pair positively doted silicon with negatively doted silicon. The combination of positive and negative charges creates a makeshift electrical field. When the photons meet the solar panel cells, there is a negative imbalance, and the remaining electron is sent into a direct electrical current (DC) along a cable that is connected to a power inverter. The solar power inverter then flips the DC current to alternating current (AC), which is easier to work with. From there, the current flows right into where you need it to be, and any excess electricity is sent into a municipal grid, which can have further benefits for you on an annual basis.

At Current Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE), we fully understand the intricacies of solar energy and how you can utilize it to better operate your farm or small agricultural business. To learn more about solar energy and how you can harness it and turn it into usable power for your operation, please contact Current RE today. We are proud to serve farmers and small agricultural businesses in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and communities throughout IA.