Solar Solutions for Your Farm in Rural Iowa

Solar Farm IowaWhen you decide the time has come to turn your farm in Iowa into a solar farm, look no further than to Current Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE) to fulfill all your needs. For many years now, we have served farms and small agricultural operations throughout Iowa, and we know what it takes to install a successful renewable energy system tailored to your specific needs.

Beyond simply saving money that would normally be spent on utility and electrical expenses, choosing Current RE to turn your Iowa farm into a solar farm provides many other benefits, including:

  • Having solar panels from Phono Solar that come with a 10-year warranty protecting the products themselves and a 25-year warranty guaranteeing output performance
  • Being able to remotely access your solar panels through a wireless router, enabling you to see real-time performance of the renewable energy system for your solar farm
  • Working alongside a professional grant writer who can adequately help you receive all of the benefits for which you are eligible, including a 30 percent tax credit from the U.S. federal government, a 15 percent tax credit from the state of Iowa, and secured lending from the United State Department of Agriculture
  • Having an asset that is depreciable as a five-year property under MACRS, helping to improve your bottom line for now and the years ahead

To find out more about how Current RE can turn your farm into an agricultural solar farm and provide an array of energy-saving benefits for you, please contact us today.