Looking for a Solar Panel Company in Iowa? Turn to Current RE

Solar Panel Company IowaCurrent Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE) is the solar panel company in Iowa you can trust to transform your farm or rural agricultural business into a model of efficiency and renewable energy for the future. Whether you run a cattle operation, a maize farm, or a small hog or chicken operation, the solutions provided by Current RE can help you minimize your reliance on traditional power and allow the sun to become your greatest asset.

When you turn to our solar panel company to have agricultural solar panels installed on your farm or small rural business in IA, you can expect products that:

  • Are manufactured by Phono Solar, one of the most trusted solar companies in the business
  • Have positive-only power tolerances (-0/+5 kW), meaning that the stated power output on the box will be absolute minimum that you receive upon installation
  • Require virtually no maintenance at all after being installed
  • Can bear the weight of heavy snow loads and face high-speed winds without budging
  • Include a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty that guarantees your panels will be, at minimum, 80 percent as effective as they were upon installation

What’s more, our team can provide assistance in helping you receive all the federal and state incentive available to you for having solar panels installed, including tax rebates and grant money.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our solar panel company and the array of products and services that we can extend to you anywhere in the great state of Iowa, please contact Current RE today.