Current RE – Providing Solar Power Systems for Farms Throughout Iowa

Solar Power Farms IowaAt Current Renewable Efficiencies (Current RE), we proudly provide solar power to farms throughout Iowa. Whether you’re looking for renewable energy systems to provide sustainable power for a small hog operation, a grain farm, or you just want to power a solar agricultural building on your property, our team can help.

We provide solar power to farms throughout Iowa by installing some of the most innovative solar panels on the market. Our panels are:

  • Manufactured to have positive-only power tolerances (to within 5 kW), meaning that the power output listed on the box is the absolute minimum that you will receive upon installation
  • Able to convert direct current (DC) from the sun into usable alternating current (AC) through a transformerless power inverter, which means that less energy will be lost in the process, leaving more energy to power your operations
  • Easy to maintain after they are installed, regardless of the weather outside
  • Are protected by a warranty that covers the solar panels for 10 years and guarantees a performance standard for 25 years

If you’d like to learn more about Current RE, the solar panel systems that we install, and how we provide solar power to farms and small rural businesses throughout IA, please contact us today. Whether you manage a maize farm, chicken operation, or even a small dairy farm, we’ll be pleased to work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs that will help improve your bottom line and enhance operational efficiency for years to come.